CSS Device Adaptation – using @viewport

CSS 2.1 [CSS21] specifies an initial containing block for continuous media that has the dimensions of the viewport. Mobile/handheld device browsers have a viewport that is generally a lot narrower than a desktop browser window at a zoom level that gives a CSS pixel size recommended by CSS 2.1.

Create a Fancy Menu with CSS3 and JQuery tabs

Create a Fancy Menu with CSS3 and JQuery tabs

Last week I started this tutorial but I didn’t had the time to finish it. But today finally I’ve done it.
So what is this tutorial about?
We will create a couple tabs each one with it’s one content. It can be used as a menu or as simple tabs.

Build a social box using CSS adjacent sibling selectors

Have you ever found yourself in a small problem where you have a box with some elements that were floating? But let’s say that the third or the second element had to do something else like: not to float or to have border, and you couldn’t change the class name? How can you do that from CSS but not changing the class name?