Minify CSS files using PHP

Recently I needed a PHP script to minify my CSS files. There are many tools out there but the process was complex.
So I did found a PHP function that compress the CSS files. The process is done using preg_replace PHP function.

In order to save your precious bandwidth, you should compress your css files. Doing so is not hard at all using this snippet.

HTML5 and CSS3 resizable layout

Like I told you. This week I will come up with a new tutorial.
This time it’s an HTML5 and CSS3 layout.

You will probably say there are a lot of html5 and css3 layouts out there what yours can do.
Pretty simple not only the fact that is build in html5 but it’s resizable. So basically using a layout like this you wont need a dedicated mobile version like major sites have. You will see what I’m talking about.

You can see the full demo layout here.This is how the layout design looks. It’s not much but the design doesn’t matter as long as he does his job.

ajax contact form

Contact Form using JQuery, PHP and MySql – updated

New Updates:

1. In order to make the contact form a little bit more secure, I have implemented an Secureimage PHP Captcha, more here:
2. Again for security purposes in PHP logic there are extra checks to validate the email address.
3. Small bug fixing when returning the ajax response (if it failed or not).

Found an issue? Leave it in the comment and I will pick it up see how can I help you with. Have a question again you can leave a comment :)

I’ve decide to make this tutorial because when I was working for a project I couldn’t find a good contact form using css3, html, php, jquery and finaly mysql (this it will be optional). There are a lot of tutorials many are grate but something is missing. Hope that mine has what were you looking for.

At the end of this tutorial we will have a ajax form. Let’s stop talking and do the work.