JQuery images cycle slideshow

Let’s just say you have a page where you want to insert images slideshow and you don’t want an other JQuery plugin.
So this script is very small and you can insert it into a single page. It’s not build only with JQuery it also uses JavaScript.

Here is the demo

JQuery Input Password Overtext

You see a lot of web sites with search boxes or login, register forms that have text already populated inside of a input and when you select the input text box it disappears and reappears when it’s not selected.
What we will do in this tutorial is to create a Input Overtext for the password input.

What it will do:

1. Creates an element over the input password.
2. Shows the overtext over the input.
3. On focus the overtext it will hide and on blur it will show.

ajax contact form

Contact Form using JQuery, PHP and MySql – updated

New Updates:

1. In order to make the contact form a little bit more secure, I have implemented an Secureimage PHP Captcha, more here: http://www.phpcaptcha.org
2. Again for security purposes in PHP logic there are extra checks to validate the email address.
3. Small bug fixing when returning the ajax response (if it failed or not).

Found an issue? Leave it in the comment and I will pick it up see how can I help you with. Have a question again you can leave a comment :)

I’ve decide to make this tutorial because when I was working for a project I couldn’t find a good contact form using css3, html, php, jquery and finaly mysql (this it will be optional). There are a lot of tutorials many are grate but something is missing. Hope that mine has what were you looking for.

At the end of this tutorial we will have a ajax form. Let’s stop talking and do the work.

CSS3 support for Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8

So I was working on a project that all inputs and textarea uses rounded corners. All nice and dandy for Firefox, Safri, Chrome and Opera. But Interent Exploerer we all know that he doesn’t know by default rounded corners. So searching for a solution I found one.