Blog update

I don’t know if you have noticed but last week I made an major update for the site.
There were no major visual update, but for the layout were very major updates.

Ok what I did is remove the plugin that was detecting the mobiles or tablets versions. Now if you access the site through mobile or tablets the layout is going to be the same.
In the upcoming days I’ll do a tutorial for this kind of layout using HTML5 and CSS3.

I used HTML 5 and CSS3. If you want to test it be my guest. Just resize the window and you will see how the layout changes.
Depending on the window size you are going to see how the web site changes.
Pretty cool right?

Other updates that I did were to fix many bugs on Internet Explorer and Opera. For the gradients, drop shadows and rounded corners.
And on small resolution I still have to make some fixes for the menu because I don’t like the way it looks right now :)

Let me know what you think and feel free to add comments regarding the improvement and other stuffs.

P.S. Now I’m working on a very big tutorial. Working with jquery tabs, jcarusel and fancybox.

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